Desarin Valley Map Key

The revealed locations on the Desarin Valley map are:

1. The dell where you located the bandits and freed a black bear. Zephyr Quick joined the party here.

2. Lance Rock where you found signs warning of plague on a path leading into a cave.

3. Hill Tomb where Minny Mhandyver’s granddaughter, Pell spotted “a ghost”.

4. Tricklerock Cave where Raymond Littleblack heard from Albaeri Mellikho that long-lost treasure could be found.

5. Leatherbelt Equinery is a horse farm overrun by a tribe of goblins recently outcast from their warm cave in the hills.

6. Crawling Caves is a series of cave entrances set into the walls of a gully carved into one of the westmost Dessarin hills. The goblins which overran the Leatherbelt Equinery lived here prior to being run off by a group of evil cultists who have moved into one of the upper caves for an unknown purpose.

Desarin Valley Map Key

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