Raymond Littleblack

Paladin and Agent of the Lords Alliance


You met this good-natured knightly sort on the caravan you accompanied from Waterdeep to Red Larch. Those of you from Waterdeep recognized his family name. There was some scandal in Waterdeep a couple of years back…something about the son of the dying lord of the house.

Though a paladin, he wears no symbol of faith in a god, nor vestments of a holy order. This is fairly odd, as the families of most paladins of noble blood have strong ties to one faith or another going back generations.

He’s been elusive about his purpose, only that he was sent to Red Larch to keep an eye out on the area. After hearing about your success against the bandits, he appraised you with a different eye and said to check in with him from time to time. He often has need of groups with your particular skill set in his profession.

Who is this strange knight who talks more like a spymaster and has a fondness for lap-surfing bar maids?


Raymond Littleblack

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