Harburk Tuthmarillar

Constable of Red Larch and Butcher


Harburk lives and works with his life partner, Jalessa Ornra, a stout woman who owns the local butcher shop. Besides aiding her in running the business, Harburk is also town constable. His four deputies are the assistant butchers at the shop. As there is no official jail in town, it’s common for one of the local drunks to end up trussed up and dangling from a meat hook over night when they get too rowdy.

Harburk provided you a bounty acquired from the Lord’s Alliance, for the left ears of the human bandits you found and wiped out. He was troubled at hearing that there were goblins and a hobgoblin with them. The goblin races are rarely seen this far south, except for individual loners attempting to fit into civilized society. The way he looked at Blaxx and Grimmer while saying this emphasized that he was still holding his judgement about the two. He’s happy with you now, but cause trouble in Red Larch, and you could find yourself dangling from the meat hooks.


Harburk Tuthmarillar

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